Porsche Crest RedesignPorsche Crest Redesign
  • Porsche has revealed a redesign for its iconic crest.
  • Changes to the logo include a smoother finish for the bronze areas and a new honeycomb pattern for the red sections.
  • The updated logo will begin showing up on vehicles at the end of 2023.

You may need to pull out your reading glasses to spot the differences, but Porsche just revealed the latest version of its iconic crest badge. The historic badge remains immediately recognizable, and hasn’t changed in any shape-altering ways, but there are a few revisions that jump out.

Porsche Logo
Porsche Logo

The bronze knurling of the crest has been smoothed completely. The smooth backing helps to show off the word “PORSCHE” emblazoned across the top, and “STUTTGART” (now written in black) in the center of the crest.

The knurling behind the red striping is also gone, though it wasn’t smoothed in the same way as the bronze knurling. Instead, Porsche decided to include a honeycomb pattern, reminiscent of a carbon-fiber weave.

A Brief History

The redesign comes as the brand celebrates reaching the 75 year mark of Porsche sports cars. The company has used some version of the crest on its vehicles since it was first introduced in 1952. The trademarked logo has been updated five times since then, with the most recent changes coming in 2008.

Like most automaker logos, the Porsche crest celebrates a lot of the brand’s early history, and the area that it’s from. Both the bucking horse and the shape on which it is stamped come directly from the seal of the city of Stuttgart. In a similar vein, the black and red colors, as well as the antlers pressed to opposing corners, come from the German state W├╝rttemberg-Hohenzollern (now Baden-W├╝rttemberg) and celebrate the home of the famed German automaker.

The changes are subtle, but Porsche fans will surely make note of the new badge, and the first cars it appears on. According to Porsche, the updated logo will begin appearing on vehicles at the end of 2023.

This new crest marks the sixth time the Porsche logo has been updated. It’s been previously changed in 2008, 1994, 1973, 1963, and 1954.

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