Benefits of Electric CarsBenefits of Electric Cars

It is often said that change is the only constant, and there’s simply no denying the correctness of this phrase. It is important to evolve in order to attain a positive change in society and in the world of automobiles, possibly, the biggest change today is increased stress on the faster adoption of electric vehicles in an attempt to curb vehicular pollution. In case you plan to purchase a new car, the electric vehicles that are presently on sale in India can be a pretty good option. Given below are the 8 big benefits of electric cars in India right now –

1) Easy to Maintain

One of the biggest benefits of buying an EV (electric car) in India right now is that these vehicles are quite easy to maintain. Since there is no internal combustion engine on these cars, there are fewer parts that undergo wear and tear. With fewer parts and lesser complexities involved, maintaining electric vehicles turns out to be a lot cheaper than conventional cars that run on fossil fuels.

2) Silent Operation

Yet another benefit of electric car or any electric vehicle for that matter is that they are silent operators. As there is no combustion engine under the bonnet, there is no exhaust sound either. The electric motor that powers the car is so muted in its operation that there’s no sound except for wind and tyre noise. A major benefit of this is that electric cars are so silent that the passengers can easily read a book inside or focus on some complicated calculations. The lack of noise even leads to a more comfortable travel experience. The only minus point here is that the select few who love sporty car exhausts would probably want their EVs to get more vocal.

3) Low Running Costs

In a world of ever-increasing petrol and diesel prices, having to spend less on the running costs of a vehicle is a great boon, right? Well, that’s exactly the case with electric vehicles. As these cars run on electricity, the amount of money you’ll have to spend on recharging the batteries is much lesser than what you would be paying for petrol or diesel. In fact, even premium EVs like the MG ZS EV or the Hyundai Kona have a running cost of less than a rupee per kilometre, which is something that makes these vehicles just too light on the pocket.

4) Better Planning

The fuel prices tend to vary every now and then. In fact, more of than not, petrol and diesel prices see a pretty substantial increment. This leads to a huge fluctuation in the expenses of those who have a high monthly running. Also, those with low income suffer the most as they end up spending a great deal more on fuel. With an EV, one can safeguard himself from this frequent fluctuation as the cost of electricity stays the same for many years, and even the increment in cost isn’t too much. This helps one with better planning of monthly expenses.

5) No Need to Visit Fuel Pumps

As you can charge an electric vehicle at your home, there is no need to make even a single visit to the fuel pump. This will also help you avoid wastage of time when visiting a fuel station during the hours it’s the most crowded. You can simply charge an EV through a socket at your home. So, basically, you can have a fuel station at your home simply by charging your electric car at your residence. What’s even better is that EVs support fast charging, which means you can quickly top up the batteries within minutes.

6) Ease of Driving

Every electric vehicle, be it a small electric scooter or a huge electric bus, doesn’t have gears. This makes using an electric vehicle pretty easy as one doesn’t need to take care of operating a clutch or even driving based on the gear that is engaged. All one needs to do is to operate the steering, accelerator, and brakes. This makes driving an EV very easy, and one can totally forget about the complexities involved in the operation of a gearbox.

7) Good for Environment

Conventional vehicles equipped with internal combustion engines are among the biggest contributors to air pollution. Even though the tailpipe emissions of a vehicle have come down over the years, the sheer number of new vehicles that are purchased everyday end up compounding the problem. With Evs, however, there is absolutely zero tailpipe emission. Hence, users of EVs play a vital role in reducing their carbon footprint as they use the most eco-friendly vehicles out there.

8) High Performance

A characteristic of electric cars is that they produce the maximum torque right from the word go. What this means is that the driver benefits from a strong surge of pulling power as soon as he steps on the gas. This makes the EVs a lot of fun as they offer their users with a very strong acceleration as compared to an ICE-powered vehicle of a similar category.

So, these are the benefits of electric cars. Mann Motors & Service Station post here should help in case you’re someone who has been planning to purchase an EV but have been deferring the purchase owing to second thoughts on the electric cars.

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By Piyush Gajera

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